Top Tips For Stemming Bridal Show Overwhelm

Did you recently receive some sparkly bling on a certain finger? Now bridal magazines are taking over your coffee table and you’ve got a perfectly organized binder with lists of all the vendors you need and notes on whether you prefer silver or gold chargers.

You’ve decided to knock out a ton of research in a day by going to a local bridal show. Then my dear, this post is for you….

My Top 10 Tips For Bridal Shows

  1. Mailing Labels: Everyone and their brother wants you to sign up to win something or get more information. Your hand WILL get tired. I highly recommend swinging by your favorite office supply aisle and picking up printable mailing labels. Put your name, email, phone & wedding date at minimum. Split your sheets up among your bride tribe and cover more ground faster with less carpal tunnel.

  2. What Do You Need: Before you come, prioritize what you are most in need of. If you’re getting married somewhere not local, you don’t necessarily need to stop and ooohhh and ahhh over every gorgeous venue in Arizona. But don’t let the unexpected get overlooked! (Like a boudoir session for your future groom….). Look over the map and identify where your priority vendors are.

  3. Who Will Be There: Are you specifically looking for a vendor in a certain category? Visit the event website and check out the exhibitor list. Pre-plan by visiting the websites of those vendors you are interested in so you can make it a priority to stop by and visit them first.

  4. Be Comfy: You’re going to be on your feet and doing a fair amount of walking. Make sure to wear something comfy. Also, bring a large bag (or grab one at the show) to stash ALL the goodies you’re going to get from vendors.

  5. Setup a wedding email: You are very likely going to receive A LOT of emails from the vendors you visit. If you don’t want to clutter up your personal email, set up a specific wedding account with your favorite email provider. Keep in mind though, the vast majority of us vendors aren’t intending to spam you, but we do want you to choose us so we want to stay in the forefront of your mind! Also, please understand that many bridal shows will provide the attendee list which may contain a different email (whatever you registered) than what you provided to the vendor at the show. Again, we aren’t trying to spam you! If you don’t want to get emails from a vendor, just unsubscribe. It’s ok.

  6. Manage your tribe: While it might seem like a great idea to bring your 10 besties, it can create a whole lot of overwhelm when you’re trying to make a decision. Remember, 4 women will have 6 different opinions :D Keep your entourage limited to the core team and leave the negative Nellies at home.

  7. Go Sans Kiddos: You love those chubby faces but bridal shows are really not the place to bring kids. Splurge on the sitter or dump them on grandma & grandpa, either way, they are distracting and can have unintended consequences - plus vendors aren’t babysitters. We tend to bring a lot of expensive stuff for our booths and we also don’t have the time to keep an eye on the little ones.

  8. Be nice: Look, I get it, you may not desire to have karaoke at your wedding but don’t be a dick to the vendor. A polite, ‘no thank you’ is sufficient. Some vendors can be pushy (even I have my moments) but keep in mind we are in a sea of 100’s of other vendors competing for your attention. Sometimes we get a little….ambitious. Take the info, drop it in your bag and sort it into the ‘no’ pile later.

  9. Take photos: If your mind is like mine, you’ll see something cool and then forget 5 seconds later what it was OR who it was. Take notes or take photos of things that catch your eye - and then make sure to take a picture of the vendor logo so you can find them later. Some events even have apps that let you make a ‘priority’ list of vendors you’re interested in.

  10. Have fun: Planning a wedding is a stressful event. Been there, did that. Bridal shows, even though they can be vastly overwhelming you should try to have fun! There’s some cool stuff to see, foods to taste, drinks to clink and photos to celebrate. This is a stepping stone on the path to a milestone event, take a minute and ENJOY it.

Where Will Unleashed Be Next?

We’ll be at the Arizona Bridal Show in Phoenix, AZ on June 2, 2019

Find us at booth 4203C! We’re also participating in the Ultimate Wedding Giveaway so make sure you come by and get your card stamped!

Ever Wonder About YOUR Perfect Hair for YOUR Face-Shape?

Figuring out your face shape isn’t all that complicated once you understand that there are only six shapes to choose from. Many of us make the mistake of thinking that our faces are “round,” missing some of the subtler angles completely.


To determine your face shape, pull your hair back in a headband or ponytail and analyze what you see in the mirror. Your pretty face should fall within one of six categories.

1    Oval: Forehead may be slightly wider than the chin, and the length of the face is about one and a half times the width.

Round: Prominent, rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.

Square: Prominent jaw and square chin, with forehead and jawline roughly the same width.

Oblong: Often confused for the oval face, though an oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as oval — often with a narrow chin.

5   Heart: Wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin.

Diamond: Narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones at the widest point of the face.

If you still aren’t sure which face shape is staring back at you in the mirror, Julie Featherman, owner of juju salon & organics, takes it one step further. “Whether I’m meeting with a client for the first time or working with an existing client who is thinking about making a change, facial shape consideration is as important as deciding on a length, color or style,” she explains. “I always say, ‘Look to the stars!’ Once the client’s face shape is determined, we’ll often look at pictures of celebrities with the same face shape. For example, if you Google, ‘What celebrity has a diamond shaped face,’ up pops Keira Knightley. Heart shaped? Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. It’s so fun and inspiring! From there, we can begin to sift through different celebrity looks and make decisions.”

April: Father's Day and Q2 Availability

Wow can you believe we are already into the 2nd quarter of the year? Every year feels like it goes by faster and faster.

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming quick and while we are booked until June currently, you can still at least tease your special guy with the prospect of an upcoming surprise!

Upcoming Availability:

June: 5 sessions available

July: 5 sessions available

August: 4 sessions available

Keep in mind that post session payment plans are being phased out so we’ll need to plan ahead a bit more for pre-session options.

My order deadline for Christmas is NOVEMBER 14. Please plan accordingly.

It’s more important than ever to schedule your session date early so you don’t miss out on delivery for holidays! Click the button below and schedule your call to plan your session today!

Why Did I Chose Boudoir?

Why Boudoir Photography?

The answer I usually give when people ask I shoot anything else is this long list of why I don’t shoot anything else (short story it’s scary!). But I never actually answer why boudoir.

I’ve met boudoir photographers from all walks of life, from all parts of the world. So many of them have this amazing story of adversity and how they overcame it and they love seeing that in their clients. I don’t.

What I have struggled with is my confidence. I honestly don’t even know why it broke but at some point in my life I realized that I was so often putting on this facade for the public but that I was struggling inside. I don’t want to say I was depressed but I certainly wasn’t happy. I’ve done lots of things over the year to try and restore that. New challenges at work, new hobbies, returning to my dance roots, losing weight (gaining weight), new diets, changes in how I manage my time. They helped but they didn’t necessarily solve the problem.

Then, an offhand comment from my husband unlocked something that I didn’t entirely knew existed. I started taking sexy selfies of myself for him. It started badly (do you have any idea how hard it is to get a great booty shot of yourself?) but it got better over time. More importantly, I started to feel better about myself - even though I wasn’t entirely happy with my body. Then I really wondered if I could take what I had learned on myself and apply it to someone else. So I did.

Guess what? Seeing other women get excited about seeing themselves differently is addicting!

I’m here to give you an escape from real life for a little bit. While I can’t promise improved confidence, it’s usually a happy side effect. I want you to have fun, do something different and enjoy you for you as you are today. I want you to capture and reflect on the person that so often gets misplaced because of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re 100% confident today, it’s important that you respect yourself, where you are and where you’re going.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boudoir Experience!

You’ve paid your retainer, picked a date and now the panic sets in. A boudoir session can be a little nervewracking and emotional. It’s ok. I’m here for you! Check out a few tips to help make your day go smoother.

Make sure you’re all ready for hair & makeup

My artist, Drai, is amazing but she appreciates your help before you arrive for your session. Please arrive with a clean face (moisturizer is ok) and clean (dry!) hair. Washing your hair the night before so its a little dirty can help hold curls longer.

If you want want to really amp up your look, consider getting lash extensions for your session! You can reach out to Drai at Concept Hair + Lash Bar (tell her I sent you!)

This may hurt

One of the most common things I hear from clients when we’re done is just how much of a workout a session was. PLEASE believe me when I tell you that stretching before your session is your friend! Drop in for a few yoga classes and get those chakras aligned.

Always bring a bra & panty set

You might think boring but we can make about anything sexy. Plus, in the event the worst case scenario happens (you forget your wardrobe…) we’ve got this!

Speaking of, maybe skip the bra in the morning

Please arrive wearing loose fitting clothes. Tight things (like bras) can leave indentations and marks on the body that become much more noticeable when you aren’t wearing anything.

While we’re on bras…make sure you know your size!

Something like 75% of women wear the wrong size bra. Probably including myself. Our bust size can fluctuate throughout the the month as well (damn hormones) so you make actually need more than one size. Go see my gals at The Bra Spa to get properly fitted. It’ll make a world of difference. Plus we can avoid that awkward moment where I have to tuck your boobs back in.


Like visiting your gyno, visiting your boudoir photographer should include a little care and attention to the nether regions. If you’re prone to razor burn, try out a product to help minimize or skip shaving the day prior. This might a worthy time to try out a wax or sugar if you have sufficient time before your session. You can visit with Tasha at Sugar Lips Skin Boutique to make those pesky hairs go away. She’s like the only sugaring salon in town. I trust my lady bits in her hands.

On the flip side, DO NOT try something new the week before your session.

If you’re doing your own, don’t forget about behind you as well. Hair does grow there. Also, be sure to make sure you give yourself an extra wipe in the morning. No one likes a dingleberry.

Busting Excuses

When we’re nervous, we make excuses. Believe me, I’m queen of that. That’s partly why I’m still thinking 2 full time jobs is a good plan. :-)

Life gets busy, work is crazy, we have to take someone somewhere, pick up these things, etc. Then there are the “I want to lose weight” or “I can’t afford it”. Let’s bust up some of those excuses so you can stop telling why you CAN’T and start saying yes you CAN!

I Don’t Have Enough Time For Myself

Seriously though, we love to make tons of excuses for why we can’t do something or take care of ourselves. As I’ve read people’s reasons for wanting a session and talked with countless women, one thing rings true - we suck at taking time for ourselves. For real, why are we so bad at it?

On serious note, we can’t keep giving from an empty glass so the more and more you keep giving to others you HAVE to give to yourself. I struggle with this so hard. Sometimes I need a good friend to knock some sense into me and remind me that I have to slow down and give myself a break.

At your boudoir session you get to stop, breath and just have some (slightly tiring!) fun. You get to be you - not comparing yourself to anyone else and not worrying about what other people think - because this is for YOU.

You need to take time for yourself, why not do it while getting glammed up and having some fun getting sexy?

I need to lose ‘x’ pounds, I don’t look like a model, I need to hit the gym

Did you know that the body type most commonly seen in advertising is only naturally possessed by about 5% of American women?

I admit, I’m not a super fan of the “body positivity” movement - not because its bad in anyway, but I personally prefer “body respect”. I want you to love and respect your body because of all the fabulous things it has done and continues to do for you. If you want to change it, you go girl. But even if you’re not thoroughly in love with where you are in your health journey - appreciate the body that keeps you trucking forward!

I want you to respect yourself every step of the way, be proud of where you are and be proud of where you’re going. A boudoir session is a great way to celebrate the now and then return for a second session to celebrate the future.

And girl, I’ve been trying to lose the same damn 10lbs for like 3 years. If I used that for an excuse not to have a session, I’d never have one. I love every photo of me at every different weight, hair color, fitness level because each one represents a step in my life journey.

I don’t feel sexy or sensual anymore so a boudoir session doesn’t seem like the right thing to do

This is the exact reason why you SHOULD do a session!

Often times we put our femininity or sexuality on a backburner because, life. It happens so often and it’s totally normal and ok. One of the great things you can do to reconnect is a boudoir session because you’ll get pampered with hair and makeup and then we essentially get to play adult dress up in some lingerie.

Please note, I am not responsible for any sexy after effects which can include sexy time and any resulting bundles of joy

Another thing to remember, is that “sexy” is a definition coined by you! If you’re not the super sexy bustier and garter kinda gal, that’s totally ok. Some of the sexiest images I’ve taken have been in a simple black bra and panty set. There are tons of ways to show your personality and I’m happy to chat with you more about options.

Boudoir sessions are an investment and I don’t have the money right now

A boudoir session is an investment. An investment in YOU, but an investment. The only thing due at the time of booking is your session retainer - that kicks off our work and secures your date. I’ve been trying to make it easier for people to afford the investment so we have a couple options:

  • Pre-session payment plans. We’ll set up a auto withdrawal that works for you so that you’ll have your gorgeous products paid for BEFORE you arrive at your session. I’ve even included a bit of extra motivation to select this option.

  • Post-session payment plans. These are only available for purchases at your reveal over $1500. We’ll split your purchase up into, generally, 5 payments and then you’ll receive your products once you’re paid in full.

  • Square Installments. If you’ve ever used PayPal Credit, this is very similar - you’ll set up payments with Square (typically 3, 6 or 12 months) and pay them. I consider you paid in full so work can start immediately on your art!

Join Our Facebook Community!

Join our boudoir Facebook community! We love to have some fun, be a little dirty while lifting each other up!

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Healthy Ego: End Self Deprecation, and YOUR Photo Session!

Self-deprecation is a handy tool to diffuse tension and add humor. But, in putting down your talents, appearance and personality, could you be permanently blighting your self-esteem and reputation?

 We’ve all been there… 

Have you ever replied to a compliment about your outfit with a knee-jerk, negative response? Such as, a quip about looking a bit jiggly or an eye-rolling admission of the coffee stain near the hem?

Have you been introduced to a stranger at a party and immediately downplayed your job title; making out that you were either incredibly lucky to have nabbed the position or have no idea what you're doing half the time when, in fact, you worked your butt off to get a promotion and spend several evenings a week working late in order to finish projects to impress your boss? 

In social situations, we often use self-deprecation as a handy tool to defuse tension, seem humble or add humor. 

It shows vulnerability and authenticity, weakens hierarchies, lowers expectations in case of failure, reflects a mirthful disposition, deflects attention for the shy and, when used insincerely, reassures and inflates the ego of the conceited.

I, myself have learned to use it as armor against external criticism; a badge of my modesty and of my Northern identity. After all, your insults won't be half as witty as my own about myself. 

However, during my early twenties – the 'formative adult years' in which I'm supposed to find myself and learn how to do the gas meter reading without calling my Dad – I've started to wonder whether I'm doing some disservice by continuously downplaying everything cool about myself.

A bit of self-ridicule is healthy if you're confident enough to really take it as a joke. It's surely better than blind, pigheaded narcissism. Of that, I am sure we can all agree.  But now, you’re about to have your photo session… and expose all.  Or almost, all, at least.  

And…  it's a big 'but’..or, “my nose is so big, don’t catch my profile!” …  in highlighting our insecurities, putting down our talents, and striving for the laugh instead of congratulation, could we not just be cementing a negative narrative about ourselves? 

At a certain point, if you call yourself 'stupid' enough times, you'll start to believe it and so will other people. 

The dark side of self-deprecation, can come out in your final images… if you’re not careful.  Let’s help each other… to ensure that doesn’t happen.

As children, we're frequently told to treat others as we would like to be treated. 

However, with the challenges of puberty, a transmuting identity and society's obsession with critiquing weight, intelligence, success and beliefs, the kindness we show ourselves doesn't usually measure up to that which we'd be quick to show other people.

Unlike the days when we'd blindly accepted our parents' compliments about being the smartest, prettiest and most hard working of children, in our adolescence, our self-worth gradually starts to fluctuate, depending on our most recent successes or failures, compliments or insults.

We begin to find it hard to tread the middle ground between self-promotion and self-deprecation, wanting to seem confident without coming across as an insufferable know-it-all. 

Clinical psychologist, Ros Taylor, explains that for the majority of women: 'We tend to go in the opposite direction and discredit ourselves."

Self-deprecation is a trick British comedian Luisa Omielan uses as a way of showcasing how ridiculous social constructs are – be it regarding weight, failed relationships and thigh gaps – taken not from a place of weakness, but from a place of strength.

'Once you show something up for what it is and have made people laugh in the process, you are then in a position to use humor to dissect and discuss more important and pressing issues that do need attention such as self esteem, mental health, relationships and career goals,' she adds.

But Only In Small Doses

To read further about the Pros and Cons about Self-Deprecation and how it can HELP your Boudoir Session, or HURT it, click HERE.


Clients often have lots of questions about their session so I’ve compiled a list of some of the most common.

Do you share my images?

I value my clients and their privacy. All clients will completed a model/privacy release form as part of your booking process. This release form outlines what images as well as where they can be used. This allows you complete control over whether you’re ok with images being used for studio samples or shared on Facebook for grandma (btw - there’s no age limit on boudoir). If you opt not to share, that is perfectly ok and don’t feel like you have to do it.

**Note: I do occasionally run promotions looking to shoot specific themes or looks - the intent of these is for marketing material. These sessions do not include a release as the intent is for the work to be shared. But this is always clearly stated.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

You don’t have to. I’ve had clients do sessions in vintage 30’s gowns, in football jerseys, leather jackets and military pieces. I want you to feel sexy. However, if you are thinking of doing something out of the ordinary, please give me a heads up so we can prepare.

Do you have payment plans?

Oh yes! I have recently introduced pre-session payment plans which allow you to choose your products and pay for them before even showing up for your session (there is a benefit to doing this!). I also am delighted to offer Square Installments which lets you pay your purchase off over 6 or so months. I am phasing out post-session payment plans, but am still currently offering them for purchases over $1500.

Is hair and makeup included?

Absolutely! I believe that every woman deserves some pampering so all of our sessions start with professional hair & makeup to give you a chance to relax. But I promise we're just going for an amp'd up natural look - nothing crazy!

Do you do touch ups?

Yes, we will smooth skin and do some basic retouching on all of your portraits. I tend to work on the philosophy, if it isn't permanent we can remove it - so don't worry about any little blemishes, bruises or scratches.

I do want to stress that I do NOT do any extra photoshopping to give you a bigger booty or a smaller stomach or tinier feet. I think you're gorgeous as is without changes.

Where should I buy outfits?

There are several options for shopping you can find listed HERE.

What type of products do you offer?

Primarily clients are opting towards our gorgeous handcrafted albums. They come with think pages and your choice of luxury covers. We also offer folio print boxes, wall art, desk art, digital collections and other fun gifts.

Do you offer digitals?

Digital files are available A La Carte as well as part of our Luxury collections. You receive 2 sets of files - one intended for printing and the other sized for social media and fun sexting nights!

I'm really nervous. Is that normal?

It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don't worry. Most of our clients are nervous until the session has gone on for a few minutes. After it starts, you’ll begin to loosen up.  Plus I'm really awesome at being a dork so you'll have plenty to laugh at.

How many outfits should I bring?

Sessions include 3 wardrobe changes. I do recommend bringing more than 3 options just in case something doesn’t fit how we expected or doesn’t photograph well. I also have a client wardrobe you are welcome to borrow from for your session. If you love it, you might just be able to buy it!

How early should I arrive for my session?

While I love the old adage “early is on time, on time is late” I know that sometimes nerves might drive you to arrive really early. Please be advised the studio doors will remain locked until about 10-15 minutes prior to your session. This allows me time to ensure everything is setup and ready for you!

Where are you located?

I am located in Tucson, AZ. I have a lovely little studio just south of downtown in the historic Barrio Viejo are.

My Mother Is A Walking Miracle

Do you have special lady in your life? Like, maybe your mom? Mother’s Day is coming up in a few months and now is the perfect time to check ‘buy a mother’s day present’ off your list.

If you are a mom who ends up buying her own gift, click that link below and treat yourself to something special this year. No fuzzy socks and burnt breakfast.

Or, if you’re one of the few men who read this blog - give your wife a thank you for being an amazing support system for you and your kids. Or just you, who might be like a big kid. At any rate, treat her right! Happy wife, happy life right?

I would love to hear the stories of your amazing mom’s! Share your favorite anecdote in the comments!

Let’s Chat!

PrePayment Options

Let’s celebrate!

New in 2019! A prepayment for products! *Happy Dance*

I hope this helps with the savers among you to secure your date while being able to pay for your products early. Think about it - you can arrive at your session completely paid for your product! No stressing.

So how is this going to work?

Payment options will be offered on collections only. At least for now. If this option goes well, we could consider expanding to a la carte products as well.

You’ll decide what collection you are interested in first. If you’re unsure, I suggest pre-purchasing only what you are comfortable with price wise. Collections start at $2000 and go up but you are welcome to add on at your reveal.

We’ll set up a recurring payment in Square so that you will be charged automagically each month. In general, I’d probably suggest starting this 6 months prior to your session so you have plenty of time to save. This is a great time to remind you that all prepayments are nonrefundable. So again, only purchase what you are comfortable with. However, you can always upgrade at your reveal when you see all your amazing images.

Also do note, as this is a recurring payment it is expected that it will be charged without issue. If for some reason the payment is declined, I will reach out for an additional form of payment (because, let’s face it, these days we cycle through cards due to fraud semi regularly and I can’t always remember what is on what until it gets charged). You will have a finite period of time to respond with a working payment. If you fail to respond, your payment plan is null & void. Non-refundable. The time frames will be outlined in an agreement that will be provided and signed, so you can’t tell me you didn’t know.

If you need to reschedule your session, your payment will travel with you, but again, if you cancel, non-refundable.

Since this is becoming an option, that means changes are coming to post session payment options. While I’m not doing away with them completely, there will be a minimum purchase to enable that option.

As always - do bring a payment method with you to your reveal because chances are you’re going to love so many more images than you thought that you’ll want to upgrade!

If you already have your session booked and you want to consider this option, drop me an email:

Boundaries. Mostly Mine.

This is a boring post. Really.

So those who are close to me might realize that in addition to this fabulous boudoir business, I still work a near full time job elsewhere. Oh and because I’m insane, I also try to run a 3rd business and do stuff for me AND stay married. It’s tough. Oh yeah, and I really like sleeping ~8hrs a night, else I get grumpy.

So first thing on my list of 2019 goals/strive for’s/wistful thinkings is to establish some boundaries in my life.

So, from hereforth (or is it hereto?) I will be setting a more strict schedule for boudoir business things. Meaning, until changes happen at the day job (fingers crossed!) there will be specific days for shooting sessions, for reveals, for pickups, for phone calls. This isn’t me trying to be a hardass on YOUR schedules, but the recognition that this too is a business and it has certain hours.

Among the first thing on the chopping block is response time. I genuinely want to respond to you in the quickest amount of time possible, but truthfully, sitting in my kayak on the lake is not really a good time. And I need to stop it. And I don’t want to drop my phone in the lake. You understand I’m sure.

In general, if you contact me on a weekend (that’s Fri-Sun), please do not expect a response from me until the next (or so) business day. If it appears to be urgent (to me), I will respond as soon as practical. Now let’s be honest here, lots of the emails I get, that are not inquiries, can be resolved fairly quickly and in many cases, if all I’m doing is reclining in my chair watching Love It or List It, I’ll probably get back to you on a weekend. But, just as I tell you that self-care is critical to your well-being, it is also critical to me so if I DON’T respond, please don’t fret. Go put your meditation music on and do a few OM’s.

Also, messages that I receive in the evenings will generally be handled the next business day. I want to refrain from saying 8-5 but I also don’t want to set expectations that I’m going to respond at 9pm. Also, please don’t call me at 9pm. Remember that bit about 8hrs of sleep? I get up between 4:30-5am to workout so I go to bed about 9pm. Yes, I am old. Get over it.

If you do not hear back from me by like Tuesday midday (assuming of course, business days and not holidays), please do reach out. I much prefer email to anything else but text would be my second most preferred. If you use FB Messenger to contact me, I probably won’t respond at all because in general FB doesn’t like to show me messages from people. Plus email gives us both a nice paper trail and we aren’t gonna do the she said/she said thing.

State of the Boobies

2018 is wrapping up and I just have to ask…where did it go? It feels like the years pass by faster and faster as you get older - and I don’t even have kids!

This past year has been incredible from both a business and personal aspect. Let’s recap a bit shall we?


Wow… 2018 I shot over 40 beautiful women. Thank you so very much for including me in your life!

I’ve sent home countless albums, pieces of wall art, portfolio boxes and viewfinders.

A handful of mobile apps and nearly 1,000 digital files.

I had a wonderful week in Las Vegas with thousands of other photographers. Got shot at (outside) Red Rock Canyon in 28 deg temps. Naked. Got lost in search of a dry lake bed somewhere outside of Vegas. Got to take an amazing pole class from an amazing instructor while I was there.

I’ve spend time developing my education - improving my email marketing (still working on that! #2019goal), learning about Facebook ads (I want to give them money…but they just go #nudity), giving my finances a serious look, implementing the Profit First technique (which you should go read. Now. You can even use it for your personal life). I started working with another amazing educator who will be coming to Tucson in Jan to do a personal 2 day Boudoir Makeover and help me redecorate the studio - because my decorating skills are a massive fail. That’s why everything is grey in there…


I spend the first half of the year largely focused on pole competitions. Thanks to peer pressure I participated in my first pole competition in February and certainly didn’t come home with the result I wanted. I felt that I had a great performance that was well executed - considering I was only 6 months in! - but alas, the judges disagreed. It was a fun trip to San Francisco at least.

In May I tackled the “main event”, what was supposed to be my first pole competition (oops). Despite having what felt like the worlds most awful performance (slippery poles will get ya) I managed to walk away with the win; making me the 2018 US National Artistic Pole Amateur Senior Women’s champion. Whew. And yes, sometime’s I’ll leave out a few key words when I really want to make people wonder. After that competition I went into forced time off to deal with what started as an ankle sprain. After no real healing, PT making it worse, injections not helping, we finally arrived at acute inflammation in the anterior portion of the ankle as a result of an accessory bone - the os trigonum. I had surgery on December 7th to remove it and am now hobbling around on crutches. But hopefully ankle pain shall be gone! Then onward to next year!

I finally achieved my front splits on both sides and I am up to a single yoga block oversplit on the left. For those of you wincing in pain, I never had the splits as a kid so it is entirely possible to do it as an adult. Just takes focus and dedication.

We family tripped it to Branson, MO this summer. I got sunburnt. No shock there. Had a good time, made some memories & all that jazz.

We had a shitty time with our chickens this year losing several of them. Our most famed resident was Feather Locklear, a Japanese Bantam that we feared would die any day so we brought her in the house. She lived for about another 6 months until a camping trip to Mt Graham was her final hurrah. Yes, she traveled with us, went up to Prescott several times. Totally not weird.

I turned 36. Contemplated life. Thought about doing things differently. But didn’t. #2019goals.

Looking forward to 2019…


I’ll be back at the American Pole League’s US National Championships in July. Not defending my title since my win pushes me into at least the Semi-Pro category. I have lots of goals for that one - including creating a second routine to compete in Pole Sport as well as Artistic Pole.

I’m getting my middle splits this year. I’m determined damnit!

I am also, related to the above plans, getting back in shape. Which yes, includes losing some weight but way more focused on gaining strength.


2019 is a year that I’m kind of terming as a game-changer. I’ve got a lot of things in work and in concept. This is the year that I really want to position myself to do this full-time (with all of your help of course!) and I’m starting to make a few changes to test the waters. Most importantly, I want to reclaim some of my life. I’ve been working hard on this for the past 5 years and while I haven’t thrown as much of my free time into it as some, I’ve put aside a lot of stuff for the business so do expect to see some boundary changes.

I’ve set a goal of 60 gorgeous women to pass through the studio in 2019 and there are already ~17 of you on the calendar. I have 2 bridal shows to kick off the year that should fill up most of the other slots quickly. (Yes, that is a not so subtle hint to get your session booked before the dates are gone)

Other stuff that tossing in my mind that I’ll detail in later posts:

  • Pre-payment options

  • Restructuring of payment plans

  • New session availability

  • Session scheduling process

  • New products

  • New session type

  • Office hours

  • Less Facebook, more ???

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year! I plan on enjoying some slightly more “official” time off between Christmas and New Years so if my response time is slow, just be patient!

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Keeping up with the Jones's and your view of success

I recently read an article about how much our view of the world changes when we compare ourselves to others and with social media, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the “perceived” success of someone else’s life in comparison to our own. 

 “Success cannot be defined in one sentence.”-Zig Ziglar

So how do we get around this negative feeling of feeling less in comparison?  Well, have you thought about redefining your view of success?  Check out this article below and try your success with these items.  Success isn’t a one size fits all, jump off the freight train of social media comparison and start walking your own can do it.

 So, what are your thoughts, how do you define success? Share in the comments in below.


 Have a beautiful day! You deserve it!

5 Winter Trends...Already?

Sorry to burst your bubble but winter is on it’s way.  Unless you’re a true snow bunny, then I’m a bit envious and also happy for you.

 I came upon this article to help your inner fashionista and did you know a pair of simple black leggings goes with all of these?  Well I’m here to help you out with your winter wardrobe...I mean, if you’re gonna be chilled, be fashionable at the same time.


Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a beautiful day! You deserve it!

Are you a VIP? If you haven’t joined my private group yet, what are you waiting for?

Unleashed VIP Group

More Questions...Therefore, More Answers

 I want share these pictures with my partner, but I don't want loose prints floating around. Any ideas for the best gift?

This is a very common concern and we totally understand. It's also one of the reasons that we don't normally offer just loose prints.  Our collections typically include digital files, albums and wall art.  One our newer products is a Portfolio Box.  It contains 20 of your favorite images, matted, in a beautiful linen box.  In addition, you will receive a USB with the corresponding digital files.  For more information on these products, just ask or visit the product page.

What should I bring to my boudoir session?

Most sessions include 2 different looks.  Please bring 3-4 options and we can pick from there.  If you wish to bring shoes, please do.  

 Can I bring a friend?

I recommend you come alone, because I want the focus to be on and about you.  If you would absolutely feel more comfortable, you may bring a friend (of the same sex!) but once we begin shooting they will need to stay in the other room so that you and I can focus.

Will my session be with a male or female photographer?

Our team is composed of all women, so you will only have a female photographer for your session as well as a female makeup artist.

 Do you do touch ups?

Yes, we will smooth skin and do some basic retouching on all of your portraits.  I tend to work on the philosophy, if it isn't permanent we can remove it - so don't worry about any little blemishes, bruises or scratches.

 I’m not a model – are boudoir photos still flattering even if my body isn’t perfect?

Absolutely! Nobody is perfect and every woman is sexy. If you have any specific concerns, contact us and we can talk about it!

 Do you do outdoor boudoir sessions?

While we have a semi-private outdoor area, it doesn't get used often.  I would be happy to utilize it more though!  If you know of some private-ish outdoor land we can shoot on, I'm open to setting something up!

 Do I have control over who sees my images?

Yes, most certainly. You will fill out a privacy policy as part of the booking process.  We will only share photos if you have given us permission and have approved the images for sharing. We respect your wishes and won't post or share any images if you’d prefer they stay private.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Contact us and we can answer it for you.

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B030-44 (Large).jpg

Improve your esteem and confidence

As you are aware, I am an advocate for women embracing their individual beauty, no matter what size, shape, age or color they are! I was reading a very unique article regarding “self image.” You can read the article too, here:

I really like the list of ways you can start improving your self-image!

I am challenging you to do the first one, than send it to me! Better yet, head over to the private VIP Facebook page (not a member, no worries, Click HERE to become one today, it’s free!) and post your list! Don’t forget to comment on other’s lists too!

Have a beautiful day! You deserve it!

I Love So Many! How Do I Get Them All?!

One common problem that my clients run into is paying for all the beautiful images they didn't expect to love.  I can't tell you how many times women will tell me that they only want a couple of images and then end up taking home WAY more than planned.  This can invariably lead to trying to figure out how to pay for so much sexy.

We have a couple options available that can make things a bit let's chat about them!

Paying For It

Of course, paying in full is an option - plus that kicks off the ordering of your products!  If you opted for digital files you can take them home that day.  

The next option is PayPal credit (or Square credit, coming soon!).  I highly encourage you to apply before your reveal session so you know how much you are approved for and if you need to supplement with credit or cash.  (PS:  I am no longer accepting who really writes checks these days?).  The perk of this option is that in my eyes, you are considered paid in full and that will also kick off the ordering of your products.  Plus PayPal will normally offer 6 months no interest on your purchases.

The final payment option is an in-house payment plan.  This should really be the last resort and will be limited to orders over $1,000.  At least 20% of your total will be due at your reveal and the remainder is typically divided up over the next 4 or so months.  

Saving For It

One of my favorite programs to help me save money without thinking about it is Digit.  You can link it to your bank account (don't worry, it's super secure!) and it will monitor your deposit and withdrawals and when you have "extra" money it will withdrawal it and put it in savings account for you.  It's super easy to accumulate your savings.  They even have a Low Balance Protection option so if your checking account drops below a certain amount it will transfer money back so you aren't in danger of overdrawing your account.

You can even set up goals to save for (like your boudoir art!).

If you would like to pre-select a collection of your images, we can set up a payment plan so that you can pay towards it, when you come in for your session you'll be fully paid!  We will wait to schedule your session until you are about 1-2 payments away.  You can always upgrade your collection option, but you can't downgrade.

Remember that this is art and it is an investment.  I'm happy to work with you to come up with a plan to get all of the images you love! 

10 Facts about you

1. You are reading this right now.

2. You’re realizing that is a stupid fact.

4. You didn’t notice I skipped three.

5. You’re checking now.

6. You’re smiling.

7. You’re still reading this even though it’s stupid.

9. You didn’t realize I skipped eight.

10. You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.

11. You’re enjoying this.

12. You didn’t realize there’s only suppose to be ten facts.


Goal – number 6

Nailed it!

Have a great day!

Plan Early For Christmas Sessions

If you are thinking about having a boudoir session to create that special someone a gift this Christmas - the time is NOW to call and book! The holiday season is a super busy one for us, and there are a lot of last minute shoppers, but this is one thing that you cannot wait until the last minute to do. Time is need in order to shoot your sexy session, edit your images, pick your favs and then order and wait for them to come! So, call us today to discuss the best day for you to come in. You will be happy to get this gift done and out of the way, giving you extra time for all the other holiday festivities you have planned!