Top Tips For Stemming Bridal Show Overwhelm

Did you recently receive some sparkly bling on a certain finger? Now bridal magazines are taking over your coffee table and you’ve got a perfectly organized binder with lists of all the vendors you need and notes on whether you prefer silver or gold chargers.

You’ve decided to knock out a ton of research in a day by going to a local bridal show. Then my dear, this post is for you….

My Top 10 Tips For Bridal Shows

  1. Mailing Labels: Everyone and their brother wants you to sign up to win something or get more information. Your hand WILL get tired. I highly recommend swinging by your favorite office supply aisle and picking up printable mailing labels. Put your name, email, phone & wedding date at minimum. Split your sheets up among your bride tribe and cover more ground faster with less carpal tunnel.

  2. What Do You Need: Before you come, prioritize what you are most in need of. If you’re getting married somewhere not local, you don’t necessarily need to stop and ooohhh and ahhh over every gorgeous venue in Arizona. But don’t let the unexpected get overlooked! (Like a boudoir session for your future groom….). Look over the map and identify where your priority vendors are.

  3. Who Will Be There: Are you specifically looking for a vendor in a certain category? Visit the event website and check out the exhibitor list. Pre-plan by visiting the websites of those vendors you are interested in so you can make it a priority to stop by and visit them first.

  4. Be Comfy: You’re going to be on your feet and doing a fair amount of walking. Make sure to wear something comfy. Also, bring a large bag (or grab one at the show) to stash ALL the goodies you’re going to get from vendors.

  5. Setup a wedding email: You are very likely going to receive A LOT of emails from the vendors you visit. If you don’t want to clutter up your personal email, set up a specific wedding account with your favorite email provider. Keep in mind though, the vast majority of us vendors aren’t intending to spam you, but we do want you to choose us so we want to stay in the forefront of your mind! Also, please understand that many bridal shows will provide the attendee list which may contain a different email (whatever you registered) than what you provided to the vendor at the show. Again, we aren’t trying to spam you! If you don’t want to get emails from a vendor, just unsubscribe. It’s ok.

  6. Manage your tribe: While it might seem like a great idea to bring your 10 besties, it can create a whole lot of overwhelm when you’re trying to make a decision. Remember, 4 women will have 6 different opinions :D Keep your entourage limited to the core team and leave the negative Nellies at home.

  7. Go Sans Kiddos: You love those chubby faces but bridal shows are really not the place to bring kids. Splurge on the sitter or dump them on grandma & grandpa, either way, they are distracting and can have unintended consequences - plus vendors aren’t babysitters. We tend to bring a lot of expensive stuff for our booths and we also don’t have the time to keep an eye on the little ones.

  8. Be nice: Look, I get it, you may not desire to have karaoke at your wedding but don’t be a dick to the vendor. A polite, ‘no thank you’ is sufficient. Some vendors can be pushy (even I have my moments) but keep in mind we are in a sea of 100’s of other vendors competing for your attention. Sometimes we get a little….ambitious. Take the info, drop it in your bag and sort it into the ‘no’ pile later.

  9. Take photos: If your mind is like mine, you’ll see something cool and then forget 5 seconds later what it was OR who it was. Take notes or take photos of things that catch your eye - and then make sure to take a picture of the vendor logo so you can find them later. Some events even have apps that let you make a ‘priority’ list of vendors you’re interested in.

  10. Have fun: Planning a wedding is a stressful event. Been there, did that. Bridal shows, even though they can be vastly overwhelming you should try to have fun! There’s some cool stuff to see, foods to taste, drinks to clink and photos to celebrate. This is a stepping stone on the path to a milestone event, take a minute and ENJOY it.

Where Will Unleashed Be Next?

We’ll be at the Arizona Bridal Show in Phoenix, AZ on June 2, 2019

Find us at booth 4203C! We’re also participating in the Ultimate Wedding Giveaway so make sure you come by and get your card stamped!