Busting Excuses

When we’re nervous, we make excuses. Believe me, I’m queen of that. That’s partly why I’m still thinking 2 full time jobs is a good plan. :-)

Life gets busy, work is crazy, we have to take someone somewhere, pick up these things, etc. Then there are the “I want to lose weight” or “I can’t afford it”. Let’s bust up some of those excuses so you can stop telling why you CAN’T and start saying yes you CAN!

I Don’t Have Enough Time For Myself

Seriously though, we love to make tons of excuses for why we can’t do something or take care of ourselves. As I’ve read people’s reasons for wanting a session and talked with countless women, one thing rings true - we suck at taking time for ourselves. For real, why are we so bad at it?

On serious note, we can’t keep giving from an empty glass so the more and more you keep giving to others you HAVE to give to yourself. I struggle with this so hard. Sometimes I need a good friend to knock some sense into me and remind me that I have to slow down and give myself a break.

At your boudoir session you get to stop, breath and just have some (slightly tiring!) fun. You get to be you - not comparing yourself to anyone else and not worrying about what other people think - because this is for YOU.

You need to take time for yourself, why not do it while getting glammed up and having some fun getting sexy?

I need to lose ‘x’ pounds, I don’t look like a model, I need to hit the gym

Did you know that the body type most commonly seen in advertising is only naturally possessed by about 5% of American women?

I admit, I’m not a super fan of the “body positivity” movement - not because its bad in anyway, but I personally prefer “body respect”. I want you to love and respect your body because of all the fabulous things it has done and continues to do for you. If you want to change it, you go girl. But even if you’re not thoroughly in love with where you are in your health journey - appreciate the body that keeps you trucking forward!

I want you to respect yourself every step of the way, be proud of where you are and be proud of where you’re going. A boudoir session is a great way to celebrate the now and then return for a second session to celebrate the future.

And girl, I’ve been trying to lose the same damn 10lbs for like 3 years. If I used that for an excuse not to have a session, I’d never have one. I love every photo of me at every different weight, hair color, fitness level because each one represents a step in my life journey.

I don’t feel sexy or sensual anymore so a boudoir session doesn’t seem like the right thing to do

This is the exact reason why you SHOULD do a session!

Often times we put our femininity or sexuality on a backburner because, life. It happens so often and it’s totally normal and ok. One of the great things you can do to reconnect is a boudoir session because you’ll get pampered with hair and makeup and then we essentially get to play adult dress up in some lingerie.

Please note, I am not responsible for any sexy after effects which can include sexy time and any resulting bundles of joy

Another thing to remember, is that “sexy” is a definition coined by you! If you’re not the super sexy bustier and garter kinda gal, that’s totally ok. Some of the sexiest images I’ve taken have been in a simple black bra and panty set. There are tons of ways to show your personality and I’m happy to chat with you more about options.

Boudoir sessions are an investment and I don’t have the money right now

A boudoir session is an investment. An investment in YOU, but an investment. The only thing due at the time of booking is your session retainer - that kicks off our work and secures your date. I’ve been trying to make it easier for people to afford the investment so we have a couple options:

  • Pre-session payment plans. We’ll set up a auto withdrawal that works for you so that you’ll have your gorgeous products paid for BEFORE you arrive at your session. I’ve even included a bit of extra motivation to select this option.

  • Post-session payment plans. These are only available for purchases at your reveal over $1500. We’ll split your purchase up into, generally, 5 payments and then you’ll receive your products once you’re paid in full.

  • Square Installments. If you’ve ever used PayPal Credit, this is very similar - you’ll set up payments with Square (typically 3, 6 or 12 months) and pay them. I consider you paid in full so work can start immediately on your art!

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