Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boudoir Experience!

You’ve paid your retainer, picked a date and now the panic sets in. A boudoir session can be a little nervewracking and emotional. It’s ok. I’m here for you! Check out a few tips to help make your day go smoother.

Make sure you’re all ready for hair & makeup

My artist, Drai, is amazing but she appreciates your help before you arrive for your session. Please arrive with a clean face (moisturizer is ok) and clean (dry!) hair. Washing your hair the night before so its a little dirty can help hold curls longer.

If you want want to really amp up your look, consider getting lash extensions for your session! You can reach out to Drai at Concept Hair + Lash Bar (tell her I sent you!)

This may hurt

One of the most common things I hear from clients when we’re done is just how much of a workout a session was. PLEASE believe me when I tell you that stretching before your session is your friend! Drop in for a few yoga classes and get those chakras aligned.

Always bring a bra & panty set

You might think boring but we can make about anything sexy. Plus, in the event the worst case scenario happens (you forget your wardrobe…) we’ve got this!

Speaking of, maybe skip the bra in the morning

Please arrive wearing loose fitting clothes. Tight things (like bras) can leave indentations and marks on the body that become much more noticeable when you aren’t wearing anything.

While we’re on bras…make sure you know your size!

Something like 75% of women wear the wrong size bra. Probably including myself. Our bust size can fluctuate throughout the the month as well (damn hormones) so you make actually need more than one size. Go see my gals at The Bra Spa to get properly fitted. It’ll make a world of difference. Plus we can avoid that awkward moment where I have to tuck your boobs back in.


Like visiting your gyno, visiting your boudoir photographer should include a little care and attention to the nether regions. If you’re prone to razor burn, try out a product to help minimize or skip shaving the day prior. This might a worthy time to try out a wax or sugar if you have sufficient time before your session. You can visit with Tasha at Sugar Lips Skin Boutique to make those pesky hairs go away. She’s like the only sugaring salon in town. I trust my lady bits in her hands.

On the flip side, DO NOT try something new the week before your session.

If you’re doing your own, don’t forget about behind you as well. Hair does grow there. Also, be sure to make sure you give yourself an extra wipe in the morning. No one likes a dingleberry.