Tattoos in the City

My sister’s have done it. I happened to see your ad on Facebook and I think my husband would love it.
— Ms. S



When I first met Ms. S, like all clients, I ask what is prompting them to do a session.  Ms. S's answer certainly wasn't a surprise - she's thought of doing a session for awhile, she had family members who had done it and had a great time.  She had seen my ad on Facebook (have you liked my page yet?) for a Valentine's Special and decided to take the plunge.  I am so glad she did!  She rocked this session like a pro after a little warm up and I think you'll agree that this woman is a stunner.  This session was shot in an apartment in downtown Tucson that overlooked the One South Church plaza.  We had a beautiful sunny day and floor to ceiling windows to capitalize on the light.

Ms. S told me that her husband loves to cook so she wanted to do a little cooking inspired look for him.  We broke out some flour and hilarity ensued trying to get the perfect flour hand print on her booty.  Who knew flour could be so fun and so hard to get to stick to skin when you actually want it to do so!  Check out that reflection on the countertop - that turned out to be a lucky score for an amazing looking image.

Once we finished, Ms. S ran off to a soccer game but promised me that there would be a date night for her and husband later.  I recommend to clients is to plan a date night with their significant other after their session.  You have gorgeous hair and makeup and a new dose of self-confidence; what better time to hit the town?

Have you considered doing a session but can't think of when you'd find the time?  Do you have a Friday, Saturday or Sunday available?  Those are my primary days for sessions which work well with not only your schedule but your families.  Other days are available for an extra fee.