Confidence as Beauty

When I met Sam and started exchanging texts with her I found her intriguing.  She was bubbly and excited and still she seemed to lack some confidence.  This is what I hoped to give her.  This is also what I see in myself a lot of the time.  It is also a frequent statement of boudoir clients.  They just can't seem to see what their boyfriend or husband sees.  Sometimes it is deeper than that.

My mission is to help you see that beauty.  We as women get bogged down under not just life but expectations.  Just scrolling through our Facebook feed is enough to want to go hide in under a blanket for a few days.  When fabulous looking celebrities grace articles with click bait headlines like "Can you believe she walked outside like this??!!" it's hard to imagine even thinking about competing.

When we met, Sam had recently split from her significant other and was looking for a confidence booster.  I tried a few new things (most sessions include the phrase "hey, let's try this!") and she was a trooper through it all. 

Her boudoir session was at a beautiful and rustic looking stone house on the west side of town.  The courtyard provided a great outdoor location which Sam was game to strut her stuff in.  Sometimes a location can be a bit of a letdown.  When I choose a location for a session I'm looking for a few key things and I generally don't worry about others.  In this house, the living room furniture wasn't a big turn on for me so I was going to just use it for staging but after staring at the round ottoman for awhile, I decided it needed to be incorporated, so that's exactly what we did.

This proved to be a motivational session for her.  Sam walked away with her head held high and a new-found sense of confidence.  She also walked away with the motivation to start a transformation.  I can't solve all your problems in a single day, but I can show you that you are not alone.  Sam plans to come back one of these days and we're going to do this all again and show her how far she's come.

Are you ready to see how far you can go?