I Can't Spend That Much...

Cost is one of the major factors that women pass up doing a boudoir session.  (Other answers include the infamous "I HAVE to lose 10 lbs first!").  It's so hard to spend money on ourselves - I know that sometimes I have great difficulty handing over my hard earned dough for something that might seem like a luxury I don't need.  

I know that a session can be pricey - there's the session itself, any products you pick, new lingerie, a mani/pedi, maybe a tan, oh and that fitness trainer because you are so going to lose that 10 lbs.  It adds up, I get that.  But when you suggest that this amazing experience is too much - what are you comparing it to?  You'll walk away from a day with me feeling amazing about yourself, you're going to walk a little taller, smile a secret smile and KNOW that you are one foxy lady.  Plus you get to feel that way all over again when you see your images...and again when you flip through your album....or see that beautiful piece of art handing in your bedroom.  How can you put a price on that self-esteem booster?

So to idea steal, somewhat shamelessly, from another fantastic boudoir photographer (because it is an amazing idea), I want to offer you a way to do that session you keep telling yourself you'll do - just you know after you buy this one last purse....swear, 

Introducing the Undressed Plan.

How Does It Work?

1. Contact me and let's sit down and talk.  This step is the same whether you're going the traditional payment route or the plan route.

2. Decide on what products you want.  In order to join the plan you must bundle a session and a product upfront.  You may upgrade your product choice at your Reveal & Order Session, but you may not downgrade.

3. Let's plan.  We'll discuss your budget and build a timeline for paying into it.  You'll fill out a charge authorization form so that I can withdraw the predetermined amount monthly.  All monies paid in are essentially held as 'in-store' credit for you.  If you cancel your plan, the funds will be held as a credit for future purchases.

4. Let's schedule.  When you have 1-2 payments to go we will schedule your session.  The reason for waiting is so that when you walk in for your session everything is all paid for.  BAM!  Done!  

5. Get Sexy.  This is the day of your session, you get to relax and enjoy yourself.

6. Have your Reveal & Order Session.  Just like the traditional route you'll come in and pick your images, but unlike that route you are already paid in full and work can start immediately.  If what you picked at the start just isn't enough, feel free to upgrade to something bigger!

Some fine print: Plans may not be longer than 15 months.  Client understands that my product offerings and prices may change and while I will honor our original agreement, upgrade options may change.  Monies paid in are not redeemable for cash and may only be applied to a future purchase.  Payment duration may be modified 2x during the course of the agreement.  You may at any time request an extra payment or to shorten your payment timeline.  This option is not available for Quickie sessions.

Are you ready to make 2016 the best yet?  Consider this an option to help you stay accountable to those New Years Resolutions!

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