Boudoir Inspiration!

We’ve been photographing A LOT of BRIDES preparing for some amazing GROOM’s GIFTS the past few months. This month’s boudoir outfit inspiration is taken from those “something blue” pieces we’ve seen so much of. Each of these looks is perfect for any blushing bride that is looking to do something less traditional. Also, a great look for those celebrating anniversaries; a bridal touch and a super sexy flair!


Ms. C

I always joke with my brides that giving their fiance an album (or app!) the day of their wedding will ensure the fastest ceremony in history.  Ms. C celebrated her upcoming wedding with a beautiful session and a great groom's gift.  

Know a bride-to-be who is stumped on what to get him?  Be sure to suggest a sexy session with One Two One!  Share this post with her and then have her contact me to get on the calendar.