What made you choose Unleashed Boudoir for your boudoir experience?

I met Krista at the Wine and Dine night at the Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch. I never had given boudoir a thought, until I saw Krista’s work. Then I knew I wanted to do a shoot with her because of her easygoing, friendly disposition.

What was your favorite part of your session?

Being dressed up in lingerie to feel sexy but also was able to laugh and have fun at the same time.


Were you nervous about your session?

Extremely! I am a very shy person and am very modest. I was put to ease by Krista and Drai (her makeup artist) by how caring, friendly, and understanding they both are.

What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?

After my reveal I was amazed by how beautiful, how sexy Krista made me look! Being nervous is something that passes and once it does it’s a great experience!

B079M-42 (Large).jpg

Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?


What do you say to people who say they can't do this because they are too shy, nervous, etc.?

I was terrified right up until the moment I started posing. But the fear or being nervous goes away because Krista is so easy going and tries to make you as comfortable as possible.