Explain me lingerie....

So what is lingerie?  Isn't it something I only break out on special occasions for a special someone?  It's totally not my everyday bra and panties right?

Welcome to a multi-part post on some in's & out's of lingerie!  We'll start with the common (your daily driver bra & panties) and branch out from there.



So a bra (short for brassiere - brə-ˈzir also ˌbra-sē-ˈer ) is a foundation garment that supports the breasts.  Some new research indicates that NOT wearing a bra is actually better, but since most of us having been wearing one since Jr High, it's a little late to reap those rewards.  Bras come in a variety of styles that provide various levels of coverage and support.  Styles include balconnette bra, convertible bra, demi cup, full cup/coverage, minimizer, nursing/maternity, plunge, push-up (hello Victoria's Secret!), seamless/t-shirt, sports bra, strapless bra.

So what do I want?  Well, if you're setting up a boudoir session then I would pay serious attention to the balconnette, demi, push-up and plunge styles.  Basically, you want a style that lets you show off the ladies.  I'm not a mom, but I'm going to guess that the mom's out there will tell me most nursing bras are NOT very sexy. :-)


Just like bras come in a dozen different styles, so do panties.  Most popular these days are the thong, boyshort, g-string (v-string if you're a VS fan-girl), tanga, and cheekies.  Again, the differences are mostly in coverage - you can range from nothing more than a string to full coverage, suck it all in, control briefs.

So what do I want?  In this case, go with what's comfortable.  Generally, those full, coverage briefs?  Not very sexy.  Vintage style, high-cut briefs?  Done right, very sexy.  The new cheekie style from VS tends be flattering on most people and provide just enough coverage.


Hosiery is considered a covering for the legs.  This includes tights, leggings, socks and thigh highs.  They can be solid colored or patterned.

I'll toss garters in here as well.  Garters are in two general styles - a band worn around the thigh (a la wedding garter) to keep up stockings or a garter belt worn around the waist.  The garter clips to stocking (those styles that don't have the sticky band at the top) to keep them up.  A common point of confusion is how to wear a garter belt with panties - it really looks better with the belt OVER the panties, but it makes bathroom trips (and other activities) tricky, so it's accepted to wear panties over a belt for easy of removal.

So what do I want?  For a boudoir shoot, thigh highs are always popular.  Tights can be cute when paired correctly, but generally I'd steer away from them unless its one of the last outfits we do so you don't end up with imprints.

Where can I find......?

I'm compiling a Resources list of places to pick up lingerie (from daily to daring) and accessories.  Check back as it'll change as I find new and unique places.