You're Such a Tease. A New Session Option.

Because I believe every woman should enjoy a boudoir session I am always on the look out for ideas to bring boudoir to more people.  There is so much behind the the scenes that goes into a session that finding a balance between full service and not quite so full service is tricky.

So how can I bring amazing to more women?

The Quickie.

Yeah, quickies.  I know.  Go, giggle.  It'll be ok.  I'm cool with acting like we are all 12.

A Quickie session is the little finger swipe of frosting off your favorite cupcake.  Enough to make you grab for the entire cupcake.  No one saw, I swear.

Quickie deets:

30-45 minute studio session

1 look

Gallery of up to 10 images shown at an in-person reveal or via Skype reveal

Folio with your choice of 2 images (5x7 print)

Price: $250

There must be a catch right?  Let's talk about what you miss out on just in case you can't decide what you want.  

Quickies do not include

  • hair and makeup (though it can be added if you want +$175)
  • an in person consult prior to your session (we can chat on the phone if you want)
  • a multitude of outfits (1 look = 1 outfit).  Additional outfits (total of 2 looks) are $50.

BUT! If you aren't sure if you are up for a full boudoir session, this is a great way to dip a toe in the water.  A quickie is also perfect if you need something quick or are truly looking for just a couple photos.  Sessions can be booked a bit faster and turnaround on your images is about a week and then 1 more week for your prints.  Total shortest possible OMG I forgot our anniversary panic turnaround would be 2.5 weeks.  

So are you ready?  It's almost the New Year - why not kick the year off in style and celebrate yourself.  Send me a note today and let's start planning.