Preparing For Your Shoot

t's YOUR turn to be a model for a day! We talk a lot on how to get your outfits ready, but how do you get your body ready!? Well, here are some tips from Retorse Management (a modeling agency based out of Texas) has to offer it's models and the same applies to YOU:

A models life revolves around how well prepared they are for a shoot! Check out the list of 5 things Top Models do before a photoshoot that helps them look their best!

This is the most obvious and most crucial thing to do the night before a photoshoot. Get an entire 8 hours of sleep. You need to preform your best and you need to look rested.
2. Hydrate
Water is key to good skin. The entire week of a shoot we recommend clients up their water intake.
3. Stretch
How do you pull off poses? You stretch! We recommend at least an hour of stretching or yoga the entire week before a shoot.
4. Nix the Salt
No one likes the bloat associated with extra salt intake. Limit your salt intake and increase your fresh vegetables.
5. Moisturize
Coconut oil is our favorite. Though we don’t recommend using oil an hour prior to a shoot, we definitely recommend using it the night before!

We hope these tips help you look your best for your shoot!