Our Two Weeks of Fall Is Here!

Which means that very, very soon the really dry weather will be upon us.  Which means that dry skin will coming screaming our way as quickly as we'll be back to 100°.

The American Academy of Dermatology has some tips to help keep your dry skin at bay.

While we might all love our super hot showers, they can reek havoc on our skin so try to minimize how long you stand soaking in the hot water.  If you must, at least try to keep the door closed so it gets steamy up in there.  

Keep your lips & skin moist.  Slather yourself in moisturizer right after getting out - don't even completely dry off.  Do the same for your lips with a GOOD lip balm.  In addition to my boudoir biz, I also am a distributor for SeneGence (the amazing 18 hr lipstick!) and we have a great lip balm and moisturizers for all skin types.  (link to my group here).

Wear gloves.  If you're still washing dishes by hand, the soap and water will dry out your skins.  Just the same, being out in the chill air will dry your hands quick.  Keep those keyboard clickers warm and toasty.

Keep it moist.  Cuz everyone loves that word.  If your workplace is super dry and lotion ain't cutting it, consider investing in a small humidifier.  You can grab one from WalMart for like $20.  Add some essential oils and spruce up the crappy office smell.

As much as getting cozy in front of the fire sounds like a great way to spend the evening it can also be super drying to your skin so limit your exposure.

Oh - and keep drinking water!  Even though it might be chilly, drinking water is the single best way to help keep your skin in tip top shape.

Make it through this winter without getting itchy, flaky, and cracked.  Do you have a favorite way to retain moisture?