Gift Idea - Buy A Domain For Your Child

Unique Gift for a Child

Searching for a unique gift idea for your kid’s upcoming birthday? Try purchasing a domain name comprised of their first and last names, or first middle and last, or any combination!

The digital age is in high gear and domain space is a commodity. Without a doubt, your identity becomes your Personal Brand when you are trying to sell yourself. Starting a project, getting hired, applying for college: all of these things would greatly benefit from a personalized website where your child can showcase their accomplishments. What if you have a young entrepreneur on your hands and they decide to set up shop?

The good news is that domain names are cheap - maybe $10/yr. so even if you have it and later on your kids decides they don’t need it (that’s not gonna happen, trust me), then you haven’t really lost much.

Here are a few short articles with some good information on the subject:

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