Getting Outside The Box Just Got Easier

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to clothes, beauty or other common purchases?  Have you considered trying out a subscription/box service to try 'stretching' your legs?  You can get subscription services for everything from clothes to food to beauty to sex toys.  

Think subscriptions are too expensive?  All kinds of price points are available and most of them will allow you to 'skip' months if you can't swing it or are too busy.  

Stitch Fix

Probably one most people are familiar with for clothing.  You start out by creating a style profile with your height & weight, sizes for tops, bottoms, dresses and even shoes.  They provide 5-6 different style types (ex: Casual, Preppy, Edgy) and want to know how you prefer clothes to fit you.  You can pick price ranges for each segment of clothing and there are options for colors/prints to avoid.

Each month (there are options for more frequent service) you'll receive a box of 5 pieces; you'll be charged $20 for the styling.  You have approximately 3 days to try everything on and see how it fits with what you already have in your closet.  You keep what you want, with the $20 styling fee counting as a credit and if you buy all 5 pieces you'll get a 25% discount.  Whatever you don't want gets tossed in a pre-paid USPS bag and mailed back.  When you check out you'll have the opportunity to tell your stylist what you liked and didn't like about the picks.

Sizes from 0-14


So you can order from AdoreMe without being a VIP member but you get a bit more of a discount by being a member.  Each month you'll receive a 'personalized' showroom based on your size and possibly based on previous purchases.  You'll receive $10 off each set for being a VIP (making most of them around $40) and every 6th set is free.  AdoreMe offers free shipping and return shipping in case something doesn't fit quite right.  If you don't see anything you like you have the option to skip the month.  If you didn't make a decision by the 5th of the month you'll be charged $39.95 for the month, but if time got away from you then they will permit you to refund the month.  I've done this once but I'm not sure how many times they will let you do that.

Sizes: 30A-44G, XS-6X


I'll admit to having received this one, but I'm super intrigued by it.  This is a quarterly box that includes 1 featured product (not always a vibrator), samples and other erotic paraphernalia.  You can check out previous boxes on their site and some of the previous items included the Iroha Mini vibe or even Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Body Paint.  I'll be sure to write a review when I get my box.  Since it's a quarterly subscription the price is a little higher at ~$70.  I'm hoping that just means I'm getting some cooler stuff.


On the food side of things the subscription options are endless.  Gluten free?  Check.  Paleo? Check.  Low carb? Check.  

I picked Blue Apron because though I haven't used it, I have heard great things about it.  Something cool is that your meals come with info to check out interactive recipe pages and how-to videos so your food prep skills get sharpened.  Blue Apron has 2 main plans you can choose from - 2 person or Family (4 people).  It'll cost you ~$9 per serving and you can receive 2-4 meals per week depending on your plan.

Each week you'll received fresh, pre-portioned ingredients along with recipes so all you have to do is follow instructions and cook.  They indicate that most recipes should be quick to prepare so it would work for a busy couple or family who doesn't want to spend a ton of time creating healthy meals.

Just a sampling of what is available on their menu this week (you get to pick which ones you want for the week): Adobo-Style Chicken w/bok choy and jasmine rice, Baked spinach & mozzarella rigatoni, Mexican spiced turkey burgers, Seared sirloin steaks. I'm hungry!

Bonus, Blue Apron now offers wine pairing for your meals and a wine subscription service (maybe I should try that one out!).

Do you have a favorite subscription service?  Share it with me in the comments!