I can't believe I'm actually doing this!

It's the day of your photo shoot. You've been preparing for this day for weeks, maybe months now. You have your outfits all picked out. You've been looking at images and have a secret Pinterest board made. The poses and images you've seen are how you've always wanted to be photographed and it is almost time! Then suddenly the nerves hit! Your tummy starts to grumble, your hands might be shaking. What if I look dumb? Where will I place my hands? Should I smile? Should I not smile? What if the outfits I chose look ridiculous? RELAX! You are not alone in your concerns. The majority of clients I photograph have never had a photo session like this before either. Just like you, the nerves hit full force as the hair and makeup are going on. It's perfectly normal to feel this way. As for all those questions swimming around in your head - kick them out! You've hired a professional and I've got you taken care of. Where should you put your hands? I'll tell you. Should you smile? I'll guide you along with that too. Trust me. I will not allow you to look dumb. You are GORGEOUS, and I want you and anyone else you share your images with to think just that. It's OK. You are in good hands.