Missy | Celebrating Sexy

Missy is a just a bit of a firecracker.  Ok, she's a lot of a firecracker...maybe that's why I loved her so much!  We sat down to talk at the beginning of our session and she showed me a few ideas she had and I assured her we would try them.  I then asked the most important question as she was showing me poses that were done in the nude.  "So do you want to go for a nude illusion, or modify them?"  "I'm ok with nudes if you are."  Absolutely!  (FYI - very little shocks me so if you're thinking of something a bit more wild than most, come talk to me and I'll work with you to see if we can achieve it)

We started with a 'get comfortable' set of images in the living room before changing outfits and heading to the bedroom for some more "classic" on the bed poses.  I loved the ruffled panty she was rocking.  It brought a nice innocent feel to this series.

See one of the other reasons that I decided Missy is a firecracker is that there was a patch of grass (fake of course, this is Arizona after all) in the backyard of this house we were using and she was the one to suggest doing the nudes out back.  It's like a double score in my book - outdoor boudoir and nudes!  Jackpot!  

After burning my feet and her booty on the fake grass we headed back inside where Missy donned a bit more of a darker look which complimented her fiestiness perfectly. We both got to lay on the cool tile for a few minutes to grab a few images using the beautiful columns in the house.  Missy's black cover up worked perfectly to create a bit of mystery when tied or held closed.  

We switched it up to the final outfit and got some great chair & couch shots.  The dark brown leather sofa worked perfectly to set off her darker lingerie and tanned skin.  One of my favorites from her session came from this series and is now a sample image (top left).

Need a little inspiration?  When I asked Missy who she was doing this for she told me she was doing it for herself as a memory of her looking smokin hot.  She totally achieves it too!  You don't need a special occasion to do a boudoir session and one of the things we women tend to do is forget about ourselves and how awesome we are.  Make it a New Year's Resolution to yourself - to celebrate your sexiness!  When you're ready, give me a call and let's talk!