Stuck on Ideas for Valentine's Day?

It's super easy for me to say, "Just get your main squeeze some sexy pictures for Valentine's Day!"  But that isn't really fair, I can't always sound like a broken record.  (Though, sexy pictures are almost always worth it.)

So what to get your guy for V-Day?  Well, you could go with some cheesy chocolates and maybe some lingerie, nice romantic dinner....the same thing you do every year right?  Well let's try something new this year.

I hit up Pinterest for some awesome V-Day ideas that are super easy and will probably pay dividends on the honey-do list!

1.  This one isn't super specific to Valentine's Day, but certainly one that is important to a healthy relationship.  52 Text Message Love Bombs to Send Him.  Guarantee sending him a few of these will put a smile on his face (and best of all - FREE!).

2.  Plan a candle-lit picnic at home.  I know this is Arizona and it's quite likely the weather will be fantastic for an outdoor picnic, but for an evening, turn off the lights (and the TV and put down your cell phone!), light some candles and have a romantic picnic in the living room.  And yes, this can be take out food.  But if you're handy in the kitchen....see #3.

3.  Cook his favorite meal.  Maybe you love to cook, maybe you hate it.  But for one night, put it aside and rock that apron.  Make sure to have an emergency pizza in the freezer (or on speed dial!)  If he likes potatoes, check out these heart shaped potatoes.  Cookie cutter required.

4.  Scavenger hunt.  This one requires a bit of planning and could be a blast with other couples, but map out and send everyone on a themed scavenger hunt - find symbols of love or twosomes around town and come up with creative things to collect - don't forget the selfies!  Have a nice dinner or lunch at a quiet restaurant to celebrate your awesome finding skills.

5.  Ok, this one is pretty awesome but requires a little thought and work.  Create a 'game of love' on your bed (it's only partially naughty!).  Grab a white fitted sheet (go cheap here, no need for 6000 thread count Egyptian cotton), some sharpies and your imagination.  For more details check out this post over at Design, Dining and Diapers.

6.  So 50 Shades of Grey is due out on the 14th.  Although the content of that movie requires its own blog post, the general prospect of being more adventurous in the bedroom still remains (keep it consensual people!).  Incorporate something fun, but still tame in your evening - maybe a little chocolate & strawberries?  Use a tie or scarf to tie his hands (or yours!) and feed him slowly....tease him a bit - maybe pull out a blindfold -  before having a rocking good time.

7. Sweets, cakes, & cookies! - you can't possibly go wrong with making some sweets for your sweet.  You'll find instructions for everything from chocolate covered strawberries (see #6 above for a great strawberry use!) to heart-shaped colored rice krispie treats.  I even helped you out with a start Pinterest search: Valentine's Sweets Ideas

8.  Give him the gift of planning.  Check out What's up Fagans? for this great post on planning a year of dates, 2 per month - 1 at home, 1 out.  Now you can't stop going "I don't care what we do...".  This one might best be done together - but you can at least start the idea if you want.

9.  Along the lines of #8, plan a day of something that neither of you have done.  Check out somewhere like the Sonoran Glass School and their Glassblowing Experience For Two!

10. Plan 14 Days of Valentine's.  I know I said super easy ideas, but you can just incorporate suggestions from above over the course of two weeks.  We've become such a commercial society that Valentine's Day can be almost meaningless.  So put a little thought and effort into and start turning those gears.  It can be a simple love note in his lunch (or on his car seat), maybe a back rub when you're home, cook his favorite meal one night, go out and do something different and fun.  Just find a simple way to show that you love each other.

There we go - 10 ideas for Valentine's Day.  If V-day made you feel awesome (because hopefully he bought you a little something sexy!) and you want have your own version of Valentine's Day later in the year - give me a shout.