So I did a quick video awhile back unboxing my subscription box from Unbound and I finally realized that, hey, maybe I should write a blog post about it as well.

Unbound is a little different than most subscription boxes.  It is a quarterly box and focuses on erotic toys for you or you & a partner.  Based on my one box, there looks to be one higher priced item and then 3-4 smaller items.  Each box has a theme and you'll receive an email a week or two prior so you know what you're getting.  If you don't want it, you can skip or pause that quarters box. 

First up in the Delta box:

Jimmy Jane Form 2

This is designed as clitoral vibrator.  It has 2 "arms" or "ears", each with its own motor that should fit neatly around your clit.  You can squeeze the "ears" together (but you have to hold them) in order to get more pressure or stimulation.  This vibe is designed to be used solo or with a partner.  The Form 2 has 5 power levels and 4 vibe modes.  The vibe modes are much as you would expect - a selection of cresendos or beat patterns.  It is waterproof with cordless USB charging.  One neat future is a button lock so you can travel with it and not worry about alerting TSA to a vibrating bag. 


Exsens’ Fresh Litchi Arousal Gel

I'll be honest.  A ginger arousal/stimulating gel just doesn't sound awesome to me.  This gel, when used in teeny-tiny quantities, is supposed to provide an icy sensation when applied to the nipples or clit.  The packaging indicates that it is edible so I did give it a quick lick.  Yeah, ginger doesn't seem to float my boat.  I will buy icy stimulation marketing tag - it was like a shot of cough spray.

Bijoux Indiscreets Mimi Nipple Covers

Not one to be a fan of pasties, though some people can rock them well, I found these to be very pretty.  In fairness, I haven't tried them out yet but they would probably rock under a semi sheer top for a bit of sexy mystery. 


Unbound Body Chain

Simple...and oddly perplexing at the same time, this cross-body chain can be a statement piece or a sexy accessory to a night out.  I had the chain tangled immediately upon opening the bag so do take some caution with it as it will end up in a giant knot.  It has a little Unbound tag along its lengths - the positioning would fall somewhere around your ribs.  If body chains aren't your thing, you could easily double it up into a necklace.

Unbound Canvas Bag

This cute little bag - intended for holding this months goodies I assume - is now playing duty as my travel cable bag.  Printed with the quote "too much of a good thing can be wonderful" from Mae West, this ~8x10 bag has a little drawstring to keep your newfound naughtiness out of sight and all together.


The Unbound box runs $65/quarter which, when you consider the cost of most other subscriptions is a pretty good deal.  The retail on this quarters vibrator alone is ~$130.  If you're interested in signing up and seeing what all the buzz is about (pun intended), use my code (jxgsxpdq) at https://unbound.nyc/products/unbound-quarterly-subscription to score free shipping.