Is Your Skin Costing You?

Skin care can get pricey but spending some money up front can save you down the road.  Some tips to help keep your skin in tip top shape.

  • Daily sunscreen.  Use of daily sunscreen helps prevent sun damage - not only can this help keep you looking younger but it can help stave off skin cancer.
  • If money is super tight, petroleum jelly can help with a ton of skincare ailments including rough, cracked feet & hands, preventing chafing, etc.
  • More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better.  But on the same token, cheap may just be cheap.  Find what works for you and don't waste money on cheap products if they aren't helping.  If something is costly but it works, then see if you can use just a little bit less and make it last longer.
  • Don't wait till you're dry.  Apply moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower to help lock in the moisture.
  • Keep your eye on the ingredients - make sure your products include things like Vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acid.  Don't waste your money on ineffective ingredients. 

If you're struggling with finding products send me a message!