How Does The World See You?

While 'Build A Better Image' week is generally geared towards businesses and their branding, it can also be a really good time to take stock of yourself and consider how you present yourself to the world.

Whether you're a stay at home mom or a corporate maven, sometimes you have to stop and look at your self-presentation.  A couple tips I found.....

1. Dress - I know those ripped jeans are the most comfortable things ever, but they are probably not appropriate for the C-suite.  If you've got an office job, make sure you've got at least 1 good looking, well fitting business outfit for those customer meetings.  If you're more creative or a soloprenuer, make sure you have an appropriate, well fitting outfit for client meetings.  I tend to suggest erring more towards overdressed than under.  Be a representative of your business - whether a business or your kids.  

2. Emails - I don't know how many emails I get at my day job that have typos, aren't capitalized, poor grammar, etc.  I don't proclaim to perfect in the English dept but take a second glance over your emails - especially if they are going to people 'higher up' than you.  Present yourself professionally and skip acronyms and lingo.  Like lol.  Same goes for personal emails, it seriously take a few extra seconds to write like an adult.

3. Self-confidence - this is a hard one but it can be very noticeable to other people when you're lacking confidence.  Here's something I want you to try....for 1 day (ONE!) as you cross paths with people, look at their face, look them in the eye and say hi.  At the very lease look at them and smile.  It's a little unnerving at first (believe me, I constantly look down!) but it gets easier, I promise.  Throw those should back and strut yourself!  Fake it till ya make it.  It's crazy how something so small can make you feel so much more badass.