February: A To Do

Ok, go put this on your calendar….

On September 1: Schedule boudoir session for Valentine’s Day.

Yes. I’m serious. Let me explain….

You decide you want to give your honeyboo a totally surprise, out of character gift for Valentine’s Day so you decide to do a boudoir session and you want an album. Coolio. Albums, take ~6 weeks to arrive - especially if we factor in the holidays then it can even take a smidge longer.

So Feb 14, backed up min 6 weeks is…Jan 3.

That means you have to have had your reveal AND be paid in full, by Jan 3. Since I take time off over Christmas and New Year’s, let’s make that date a more realistic, Dec 13. Right on. So we back up 2 more weeks because it takes about a week or so to edit and then a week for the star—-er schedules to align - Nov 29. Well that’s Black Friday and we’ll be closed for Thanksgiving…so Nov 21 it will be. That means your session has to happen no later than Nov 21 in order to receive an album for Valentine’s Day.

I know it seems crazy, but it really isn’t. And if we need to split up payments at all, back that booty up.

Plus, with the way scheduling is going - my calendar is filling about 3 months in advance so for the prime pick of dates, do it early.

So off you go. Tell Alexa or Google to put a reminder on your calendar.

Also, looking ahead to the next few months:

March - 2 sessions remaining

April - 4 sessions remaining

May - 3 sessions remaining