Fascinate Me - Part I

I'm currently taking a course called 'That Thing You Do' (highly recommend!) and one of the first things we did was learn what our Fascinate profile was.  The Fascinate profile, if you aren't familiar (I wasn't), explores how the world sees you.  It looks at what makes you the most fascinating and most valuable to those around you.

There are 49 different archetype - which is a combination of your primary and secondary advantages.  The 7 ways to add value are as follows:

Those 7 types combine (primary + secondary) to create one of the 49 archetypes:

Each person also has a Dormant Advantage.  This is the one that holds the least potential for you - it can also be the most draining if you rely on it frequently.  Basically you aren't living up to your potential.

I'll save the nitty gritty of my type for another part, but I'm the 'Secret Weapon' which is a Mystique + Innovation archetype.  My dormant is Prestige.

Has anyone else ever done the Fascinate profile?  What are your advantages?  Share in the comments!