Fascinate Me - Part 2

So as I said in Part 1, my archetype is the 'Secret Weapon'.  This is a combination of Mystique and Innovation.  My dormant advantage is Prestige.

Let's take a look at some of the cool things about being a Secret Weapon (plus it just sounds really cool!).  

  • I have a creative mind and I produce agile solutions even when under high pressure.

I feel like I do work very well under pressure and I will totally buy the creative mind part.  I'll tell you that I'm not creative (mostly because I don't dream up new inventions and I have no patents), but I will definitely find a unique solution to a problem if it needs one.  Like that time I decided I didn't need my reflector stand and I was straddling my client on the bed while she held the reflector at her hips and I was trying to use my elbows to keep it steady....yeah.  :-)  

  • I am creative in a non-flashy way, preferring to my own work quietly.

Totally.  I'm not exactly the sharing type.  I prefer to maintain control of a project and often feel like it would take longer to get someone up to speed than to do it myself.  I also love adding little tweaks to projects that are unexpected.

  • I enjoy working independently.  I don't boast about my achievements.

Oh. My. Gosh. YES!  I prefer to rely on as few people as possible (less to go wrong!) and I have an awful time talking about myself in a serious way.  I'll tell you I'm the awesomest person ever but it's in a total joking tone and when it comes to actually discussing what I've done I clam up and think my contributions are minor at best.

One of the cool parts of the profile is that it shares people who share each of your advantages:

Mystique - Tina Fey, Johnny Depp, Malcom Gladwell, Stephen Hawking, Michael Crichton

Innovation - Madonna, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Frank Lloyd Wright, Betty White

I feel privileged to be in such awesome company!

Did anyone take the test since the last post and find out who they are?  Share your results below!