Do You See Me? How Facebook is Killing Reach

Facebook has made significant changes over the past years that directly affect not just the reach of posts but also the ability to advertise.

I've submitted many ads to Facebook that have been rejected due to 'sexual or suggestive content'.  Yet each day I scroll through my Facebook wall and see images from other companies such as Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, Lace & Light, etc, that show images with even more skin than those that I post (which are much like the images you see on my webpage here).  

There are other photographers who are facing the same and much worse.  Friends have been placed in 'Facebook jail' for posting images that supposedly violate the ToS.  Business pages (and personal pages) have been removed from Facebook.  It's not just other people reporting images, now Facebook has bots auto reporting images they deem inappropriate.  This goes far beyond boosting posts and placing ads - its simply images posted on business pages and in private groups.  This is becoming an extreme form of censorship that directly impacts boudoir photographers and if the reach changes are any indicators - this affects small business as a whole.

I implore you all - if you see my posts, images or ads on Facebook, please give me a hand and give them a like (or a love!).  If I post something you don't like, keep on scrolling!  

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