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I caught my girlfriend (boyfriend?) watching porn!


Well there's a whole of questions that come to mind before this gets deemed an issue.  First, was it like midget clown porn?  Cuz that might be an issue.  Or was it 50 Shades Darker?  You know, like mommy porn.

Seriously though, I'm guessing you're blowing this out of proportion.  The real travesty is why you two aren't watching porn together?  Is it the clown part?  Because I'm with you.  *shudders*.  Personally I think this could be healthy - watch it and try to mimic it.  Either you're going to have a really fucking hot night or you'll be collapsed in laughter because there is no freaking way what you're watching is humanly possible by mere mortals.

Now if your sex life really sucks and s/he is watching porn secretly and lying about it, maybe take note of what they are watching - it could be a hint.  If it's really upsetting to you (the watching part, not the what they are watching), I'd suggest trying this really adult thing - talk about it.  Yeah, yeah, I know - try texting about it?

Maybe they just want to try something new on you or with you.  Let's not panic and start hoarding money in shoeboxes and shopping f0r apartments.  So with that all said....what do you think is the most popular porn in Arizona?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!