Happy New Year! Are You Ready For A New You?

(Psstt….there’s a bit of nudity in this post!)

Can you believe it’s January? Of 2019??

Have you considered any changes for for 2019? I kinda hate the work “resolution” because it has gotten such a negative connotation - like it’s just destined to fail. So this year, aim to change habits. Take baby steps towards big changes. Unless you’re just crazy (cuz I’ve done this!) it’s probably not going to go well to wake up on January 1 and decide to run a marathon. Especially if you haven’t exactly run in awhile. So start with a mile…or a 5k and grow from there.

Plus it’s way less depressing to realize that you hate running when you’ve only committed to a 5k vs a marathon.

This year (ok, so back in 2018), I set a goal to compete in both Artistic Pole and Sport Pole at the US National Championships. I also leveled up to semi-pro. I’m looking to up my technical skills and expand my repertoire beyond just dancey, flexy things.

BA005-78 (Large).jpg

Let’s talk the first quarter of this year! So as you may or may not know, I have two big events this month. The first is the Arizona Bridal Show in Phoenix on Jan 5-6 and then the Tucson Bridal Expo on January 13. So why is this important to you? Well if you’ve been thinking of a session and you want pick of dates for this year…then its time to get your booty in gear!

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With that, let’s celebrate the new year with a New Year, New You promo! Let this be the year where you put yourself first. You learn to cast those doubts aside and you realize that you, yes, YOU, are amazing and spectacular and most importantly sexy! If you have never felt that way, then let me show you. I know it can be so tough to step outside your comfort zone and that doing a session can be so unnerving. But I pinky promise that your nerves will melt away and it’ll end up awesome.

All sessions booked before January 31, 2019 will get half off the session fee AND $250 off a luxury collection!


The deets: Sessions must be shot by November 1, 2019. Discounts are non-transferable and can not be redeemed for cash. $250 discount is only available for luxury collections and not on a la carte or digital collections. All standard session clauses apply.

Do something different, click the link below and let’s talk.

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