If You Want An Adventure, Take A Step Outside

Another weekend closer to cooler temps hopefully!  The abundance of Fall themed stuff is upon us including all the pumpkin spice stuff you could possible want (pumpkin spice deodorant anyone?).  With that, its time to start going outside again - especially for the beautiful evenings.  Check out this weekends Top 10 events to check out!

Fit and Fashion Event at The Bra Spa (also a fabulous place to check out if you're looking for something for your session!)

Bear Down Fridays

Ladies Mechanic Night

Pantcake Breakfast (not a typo)

2nd Saturday Street Festival

The Incredible Age Expo

Pints and Poses

Let's Build Fairy Gardens

Arizona vs Houston Football

6th Annual Great Crush Festival

Do you have an upcoming event that should be on the list?  Let me know!