How to Properly Store Your Makeup Collection


Shopping for new makeup products is often more fun than organizing them. Bring order to your chaotic collection by applying these helpful strategies.

Declutter to help streamline

The first step to establishing order to your makeup mayhem is to eliminate expired or unused products. However, even if a product hasn’t reached its expiration date and you’re not using it, it’s best to give it to a friend. That way it doesn’t take up precious space in your makeup collection that could be occupied by a product you actually do use — like your arsenal of LipSense® shades.

Organize by occasion

One great way to arrange your makeup is by occasion. Place products you use on a daily basis in an accessible place. Next, group products that you rarely use into a “special occasion” category. For instance, if you tend to use  your EyeSense Shimmers only for special date nights, consider storing them in this product group.

If you have quite a few duplicate products, you might consider designating a storage space labeled “duplicates.” And don’t forget travel-sized makeup items, like our parfum travel trios. Keep rollerballs and other small products in a zip clutch so they’ll be easy to find and ready to transport on your next trip.

Sort by type

Another excellent way to store cosmetics is by type. Systematize items into categories like lip products, eye shadows, mascaras, foundations and powders. For example, group LipSense® colors, Gloss and LinerSense®Lip Liner together. You could also store BlushSense® and SeneDerm® Translucid Loose Powders together. This will save time spent fumbling through different containers or drawers when completing each stage of your makeup application.

Brushes and makeup cleaners

Don’t forget to designate a specific place for makeup brushes and cleaners. Teacups and candleholders from the dollar store or thrift store work well for storing these items. Besides brushes, these storage components can also accommodate your Brush Cleaner. And there’s a side bonus of organizing your brushes and cleaner in one prominent place: It will help you remember to wash your brushes once a week, keep them looking and feeling new for longer.

Organizing systems

How you sort cosmetics is entirely based on preference and the amount of space you have available for your collection. If your bathroom counter or vanity tabletop is tight on space, a rotating vertical organizer might work best for you. Another solution is to invest in a utility cart with three storage tiers for different product groups. If you house makeup in the bathroom medicine cabinet, try incorporating small risers to double the storage space for each shelf of the cabinet. Hanging organizers are easy to fasten to the back of a bathroom or closet door to easily compartmentalize products, too.

How do you organize your makeup? Let’s hear or see a pic in the comments!

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