Foundation Tips for Mature Skin

As we age, it’s important to update our makeup application techniques to account for our changing skin. As skin ages, it becomes thinner and prone to wrinkles and discoloration. To achieve a flawless, even façade becomes an increasing challenge as we attempt to hide these skin imperfections. In addition, texture due to fine lines, wrinkles, and crepe-like skin may become more noticeable when makeup is not applied with care. However, with some adjustment, you can create a beautiful, even base by following these foundation tips.

1. Prep skin with moisturizer. As we get older, the skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes and dry skin does not fare well under foundation. Give your skin a boost of hydration by applying Climate Control after cleansing. Its unique delivery system and small molecular weight allows moisture to penetrate the skin to the deepest levels to quench dryness. As the final step in your skin care routine, apply your choice of DayTime Moisturizer to the entire face and décolletage and apply EyeLuminator to the eye area to seal in moisture all day. EyeLuminator has the added benefit of illuminating the eye area due to the addition of MakeSense® Pearlizer!


2. Fill lines with MakeSense Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer. This formula helps minimize pores and fills in wrinkles to create a smoother base. Apply it in a downwards motion before foundation to prime your face, ensuring the product goes into wrinkles and fine lines. Allow the product to dry before proceeding with foundation.

3. Use a hydrating foundation formula. As previously mentioned, moisture is very important for mature skin. Give your skin an advantage by using the right type of formula. We recommend MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation, blended with moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals, for added skin benefits. With its illuminating finish, it helps skin appear more youthful upon immediate use and provides long-term anti-aging benefits with continued use.


4. Apply cream products in thin layers. In order to prevent product from settling into fine lines and wrinkles, it is best to apply in thin layers, especially when applying over wrinkles. Start by applying MakeSense Corrective Color Concealer to hide blemishes and discoloration. Build the coverage by adding additional thin layers, concentrating product only over problem areas. Top with MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Formula with your choice of foundation brush. Once complete, use a damp SenseCosmetics Blender Sponge to blend for a seamless look. This step also has the added benefit of absorbing excess product for a more smooth finish.

5. Go easy on the powder. Excess powder can settle into fine line and wrinkles, magnifying these areas instead of hiding them. Avoid this issue by applying the lightest possible layer, focusing on oily areas only using Translucid Powder in Natural. Its breathable finish protects without drying skin throughout the day. Use a clean large fluffy brush to dust off any excess powder.

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