21 Day Fix - Halfway! | Tucson's Boutique Boudoir

Today is Day 10 and essentially the halfway point of my 21 day fix.  I did very well the first week with following the exercise and food....at least through Thurs.  I had to make an emergency trip back east for a friend so my weekend was a bit of a bust.  It was my first foray into eating on my own and for the most part I felt like I did ok.  Breakfasts and lunches were good but dinner is where things went wrong.  On Friday several of us went out and I splurged on a beer and some other goodies, but still tried to be good (skipping the bun on my sandwich, limiting the dressings, etc).  Saturday night however was a massive failure.  With our group of friends together, soon the chips and the beer and the shots started flowing (reminds me...I HATE shots!) and the gummy bears, and yummy powder covered desserts...I was a really bad girl.  I tried to get back on track on Sunday as I flew home and swore to make it right this week.  On the plus side, I did do the workouts each day I was gone (yay YouTube!)

The first part of this week was disappointing in that it appeared I actually gained weight rather than losing anything at all.  Even with one horrible night I didn't think I would gain weight.  I upped my water intake the past couple days to help flush out whatever yummy yummy Reese's PB cups I ate.  So as of Day 10......(drum roll please...)

Chest: No change

R. Arm: Down 0.5"

L. Arm: Down 0.5"

Waist: Down 1.75"

Abs: Down 0.25"

Hips: Down 0.25"

R. Thigh: No change

L. Thigh: No Change

Weight: No change, still hanging at 139


Total Weight Loss: 0 lbs     |     Total Inches Lost: 3.25"

I did expect more of a change in terms of weight but it is a decent stab at inches down.  

My plan for this week is to add in the 10 Min Ab fix on days I don't dance.  Next week I'll do the doubles as prescribed on days I don't dance.  Check back in a week and a half to see how I did!

In case you missed Day 1.