Why You Should Think About Wall Art, Yes Boudoir Wall Art

When you think boudoir the first thing that comes to mind is usually an album tucked away in a drawer somewhere that gets pulled out from time to time.  You don't usually think about large prints or wall art.  Boudoir is generally pretty private, but I'm here to tell you that its perfectly ok to be proud of you and your body.  

During your session I will take a variety of images - some safe enough for parents & kids that can rock your walls and some a bit more naughty - to keep tucked away in that album.  

I'm introducing a new tool this year to help you think about and design some gorgeous wall collections.  At our initial consult we will talk through what you're thinking of doing with your images and I'll show you some samples of what I offer.  When we sit down for your reveal and sales session I'll show you a couple of ideas for collections.  The best part of this new tool is that it allows me to easily drag and drop on the fly so we can design and redesign quickly.

 Plus, if you're positive this is something you want and you have ideas of where to hang your art, I can even mock up designs using pictures of your own wall.

Check out some screen clips from my playing around with the tool:

Design Tabs

When you open up the album you'll find 4 tabs at the bottom:

  • Artist Favorites: These are arrangements I thought would work for your space and created to give you ideas
  • Your Photos: Any of your photos that have been included in the album
  • Rooms: A selection of room images to place your images in.  You can use the stock rooms just to get an idea or you can upload photos of your own space
  • Layouts: Pre-designed wall art collections in various sizes and quantities

You can pick a layout and then adjust the size and orientation of each image or you can build your own collection.

Check out the quick samples I pulled together below.  All told, putting these 5 layouts together took but a couple minutes.  It's amazing how you might feel like a print is big until you put in a virtual room - the bottom right bedroom image?  Those are 10x20" prints.  They look tiny above that bed!  That's why it is so important to visual where you may want to put your art.

Sample Collections

Sample Collections

For a limited time, when you buy 2 or more pieces of wall art (including canvas, gallery blocks & bamboo mount) you will receive a 30% collection discount.

Please note that not all sizes are available in all styles.