When was the last time you took some real time to pamper and truly be yourself?

I'm not talking about the you that digs out the sweats and relax when the kids aren't home.  I'm talking about the you who still holds on to that little back dress (hidden in the back of the closet) even though you haven't been anywhere to wear it in forever.  The you that sometimes forgets how gorgeous she is because you are constantly running from work to home, to kid's activities, making dinner and cleaning the house.  I'm talking about the you who knows she has a drawer full of sexy lingerie to wear but you're often too tired to break it out and resort to an old t-shirt & shorts.  

It's time to stop worrying about everyone else and take some time that is all about you.

How about starting your morning with professional hair & makeup and then having a complete blast strutting around in sexy lingerie?  Then when you're done, you and your sexified look can and should head out for a great night out.  At the end of the day, you'll be tired but you'll remember how spectacularly amazing you are.

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