Let's Talk Products!

Your boudoir session is only the beginning! Once your day of pampering (and soreness - because being a model isn’t easy!) is over, we can turn our attention to how you’re going to take your images home.

Luckily we have a variety of options to make that decision both easy and hard. We offer both collections and a la carte options so that you can take home just the perfect thing.


One of my favorite products and of my client’s, the album is the quintessential boudoir gift. My albums are completely handcrafted and feature gutterless, lay-flat bindings. This means that there isn’t a weird split seam down the middle of your book - your image runs seamlessly from one page to the next. Each spread (2 pages) is printed on Fuji archival-quality photo paper so it is meant to last. We offer 2 album sizes, the smaller coming in your choice of Standard or Luxury covers. The larger album features a photo cover paired with your choice of Standard or Luxury cover material.

Folio Box

Part of our smallest collection, the Folio Box is a simple box that contains your favorite images as matted prints. 11x14 mats house 8x12 Deep Matte prints. The Deep Matte paper showcases the rich darks and the sultriness of your images.

Wall Art

Some people shy away from wall art, but honestly, I think it’s one of the best investments you can make for yourself. To have a frequent, and prominent reminder of your beautiful self can’t be substituted. We only offer metal wall art so that it stands up to a variety of environments - like your bathroom (one of my favorite places to hang art!). The metal showcases your image, making them pop and adds just a hint of sheen. Metals are available in a variety of sizes and either unmounted (floats off the the wall slightly) or mounted (metal print mounted to a wood backing to act as a sort of frame).

Digital Art

Some people prefer to keep their images super private - like on a USB that will get shoved in a drawer. But you would never do that right….??? Seriously though, your fully edited images will be placed on a beautiful crystal USB drive for your treasured keeping. When you purchase a digital option you will receive 2 sets of files, the first a full size print-ready file (with print release) and a second set that is web-sized and watermarked for sharing via social media or texting.

Other Stuff

We offer a variety of other bonuses, add-ons and inclusions.

For Your Eyes Only Viewfinders - retro viewfinders with 7 of your favorite images - a mini peep show!

Mobile Apps - take your images anywhere and share with anyone

Desk Art - a smaller version of the wall art - perfect for your nightstand or dresser

The Top 10

So a few months ago I was really gung ho to jump into an adjacent backend effort to bring some fun sex toys & books and stuff to my site.  Some hurdles slowed me down and the effort got backburnered for a bit.  I was pondering the other day and decided to do something a little unique.  Each month (or so, because face it, I can be a little slow sometimes) I will go through my vendor and pick out 10 faves.  

These faves might be for her, for him, or for both.  I'll try to range the gamut of vaginal, anal, lubricants & "other" in my Top 10 so that there's a good selection.  Prices will vary as well so don't panic if one month is really expensive and the next isn't.  As best as I can, I'll try to promote brands I'm familiar with or have used a product from (or the product itself).  If you have any questions, do feel free to reach out and I'll try to secure an answer.

I will not be carrying any of these on hand so shipping might take a few days.  I'm not Amazon Prime.  :-)

Check out the August Top 10.